• mini mixed sandwiches
  • Mini Tartlets of surimy
  • trays of tuna mousse
  • mini toasted duck foigras
  • crusty bread with tomato and basil
  • fofos with Smoked Salmon


  • Olive crostini with fetta cheese
  • tuna carpaccio with guacamole
  • trays of tuna mousse
  • Dates with Bacon
  • mini duck pate toasts
  • lettuce rolls with Greek salad


  • steak tartar with crispy bread
  • crostini with marinated salmon and fresh cream
  • tomato and basil crostini
  • volovant mini seafood
  • asparagus and bacon rolls
  • mini toasts of mango tartar and shrimp
  • Pearls of melon with ham


  • Smoked salmon crostini with lemon sour cream
  • scallops with crispy bread and tomato
  • Fruit skewers with coconut
  • mini quiches
  • Half shell mussel with mexican salsa
  • rolls of green asparagus with bacon
  • crusty bread with tuna carpaccio
  • volovant mini seafood with fruits

José Saramago

  • croûtes of tartar of salmon
  • toasted shrimp ceviche and lime
  • fofos of quail eggs and bacon
  • bouches of wild mushrooms with garlic and thyme
  • mini grilled shrimp marinated with lime and mango
  • mini fruit kebabs with coconut
  • crusty bread with cheese and aromatic herbs and caramelized onion
  • rolls and asparagus sauce Dutch


  • Mini Tartlets romanoff
  • crostini with avocado and goat cheese
  • foie gras with crunchy bread and apple and caramelized onion
  • croûtes scallops with sweet sauce and creme malageta
  • Stuffed salmon mousse with a lime aftertaste
  • bouches lobster and mustard tarragon
  • crusty bread with a touch of garlic and tomato with basil and shrimps
  • fofos of seafood cocktail

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